Pacemaker 3.0

Dear Pacemaker friend, 

As you may know, earlier this year Spotify announced that DJ applications will no longer have access to music via Spotify Premium – which would have been fatal to the Pacemaker community. We evaluated our alternatives and understood that we had to take on the mammoth task to bring music directly to Pacemaker via our own licenses and remove the dependency on Spotify Premium or any other service. 

I’m happy to tell you that we have now achieved this goal, and millions of directly licensed tracks are now available in Pacemaker. 

We’re a small team and licensing music is an ongoing process. Right now our catalog includes content from Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, and it should cover a lot of the tracks in your mixes, but I know that many of you are crate diggers with a liking for the rare grooves. For you, chances are that there will be gaps to fill – and also gaps in your old mixes where tracks will be missing.

To solve this, our main focus during the coming months is to add more content from interesting labels, and over time, more and more of the amazing mixes in the community will start to work again. If you like, you can help us in the process by using an in-app feature that lets you indicate the tracks you would like us to license. We’ve also added a feature allowing you to mirror your playlists across from your Spotify or Apple Music accounts. 

We realise that this might be frustrating but please support us through this process – you’re an important part of our community – and Pacemaker will be on a much more stable foundation on the other side.

Kind regards, 
Jonas Norberg, CEO & Co-founder