Pacemaker 2.5.6: Loop Longer


Your regular dosage of improvements with a few new features!

Pacemaker 2.5.6

Here’s what’s new!

– iPad: Longer Loop Lengths
Loop beats in a track like a pro using the new 2 beat, 16 and 32 beat options on iPad. 🔁

– iPhone: Explicit Songs Filter
You can now turn off the playback of explicit tracks in Pacemaker for iPhone. Switched on, we’ll mix over tracks containing explicit content 🎧 – toggle this in the settings screen.

– Minor and major bug fixes
We’ve squished other bugs throughout the app.


Update now in App Store!

6 thoughts on “Pacemaker 2.5.6: Loop Longer

  1. I just found this app! YOU need to partner with TWITCH!!! PLEASE make this a thing! Twitch and YouTube have been battling about legal mix rights resulting in no music in stream! BOOO! and with this streaming service “linked” to twitch accounts this would solve all the problems we are having! YO! DO IT! PLEASE! LOVE THE APP!!! THANK YOU!

  2. I love the app, making mixes makes so much fun and saves the houseparties too!
    We just need one thing to make it perfect.. we need external links!!! I get it, it’s a community, you can like each other’s mixes.. but it’s an isolated small community, i can’t share mixes with my friends!

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